Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in Family Sponsorship and are a Canadian citizen or currently a permanent resident of Canada (18 years or older), you are able to sponsor certain family to move to Canada and become permanent residents. If one does become a permanent resident, you can work, live, and study in Canada. When sponsoring a family member to move to Canada you become responsible for supporting them financially when they arrive.

Family members you can sponsor include:

Requirements to be a family sponsor:

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Obligations When Providing Sponsorship

Family sponsors are required to provide the sponsored family member all basic living requirements from the first day they enter the country of Canada. This goes on until the term ends. This undertaking contract is between the sponsor and the IRCC, indicating the sponsor will repay the Canadian government any social assistance that is used with the sponsored family member. This contract must be forced regardless of any change in circumstances.

For a spouse, common-law partner, or conjugal partner, they are required to sign an undertaking indicating they are to repay the federal or provincial Canadian government from when they become a permanent resident for the duration of three years. For children under the age of 19, it is until 10 years have passed or when the child reaches 25 years of age. If the child is over 19 years of age, it is for a period of three years.

For parents or grandparents, the obligation of sponsorship extends for a total time of twenty years from when they become a permanent resident. For all other family members it is ten years.

Sponsors That Are Living Outside of Canada

Canadians that are at the time located outside of Canada can still sponsor family members including spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner, or dependent children if they currently do not have dependent children of their own, have no convictions of bodily harm, and are able to be in Canada when the family member lands.

Family Sponsorship in the Province of Quebec

Sponsors can sponsor a close relative who has no bodily harm convictions against them if you are a Canadian citizen or residing in Quebec and are at least 18 or older.

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