Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program Opportunities

While immigrating to Canada is mostly controlled by the Federal Government of Canada, each province has their own immigration programs to help their own local economies.

Provincial PNP Programs:

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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

Applicants interested must register with the Entrepreneur Immigration Registration. When applying, applicants will be assigned scores based on the following factors:

The maximum score achievable is 200 and only the top applicants are to receive acceptance to apply to the BCPNP Entrepreneur Immigration Stream.

To be able to apply for the BCPNP Entrepreneur Stream, you must have the following:

In addition to the above, there are also requirements for the business activities of the applicant. This program only approved applicants to register if they are seeking to establish, purchase, or improve a business that is able to contribute to the economic growth of the province of British Columbia. When filing the application, the applicant must present their intended business type they are planning on. Once submitted, the information sent is final.

The BCPNP considers the following when reviewing an application:

If the applicant intends to take over a business that already exists, there are an additional two factors the BCPNP considers:

Other factors considered is the applicant themselves. This includes if their past skill set can carry over to their proposed business venture. The BCPNP will also consider if the business will have an economic benefit for the province.

If everything checks out for the BCPNP, the applicant must prove that they will be able to make an investment of $200,000 CAD into the business. If the applicant has a key staff member they want to onboard, they must then make an investment of at least $400,000 CAD.

If they are invited to apply, the applicant will have four months to submit the required documentation. If approved afterwards, the applicant is required to sign a performance agreement with a letter stating support for a two-year temporary work permit. Once completed, the applicant has twelve months to arrive in British Columbia with a work permit. An arrival report is required two months after arriving and must have set up their business within twenty months in that time. Once the twenty months are up, the BCPNP reviews the applicant’s file and make a decision on permanent residence.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Applicants interested in operating a business in Manitoba are required to file an Expression of Interest (EOI) as well as an Exploratory Visit and a Business Intent. The visit cannot be more than one year before the EOI is filed. This first step is required first before being invited to apply for a nomination.

To eligible for the Business Applicant program, you must have the following:

The province of Manitoba will then make a decision on the top candidates and select the top nomination. An application does not guarantee a nomination.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

Applicants interested in operating a business in New Brunswick must file for an Expression of Interest (EOI). The applicant must then be selected from within the EOI pool to be able to apply to the program. The minimum score is 50 but this does not guarantee an invitation to apply as only the top candidates are selected.

The following are what criteria is considered in this Business Applicant program:

If invited to apply to the NBPNP, the applicant will be required to visit NB. While visiting they will have an in-person interview and provide a detailed business plan. If the applicant is chosen to be nominated, both parties will sign the Deposit Agreement. The applicant will also apply to the IRCC for permanent residence.

Ontario Immigration Nominee Program

The first steps to receive a nomination from the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration, and International Trade (MCIIT), you must submit the Investment Referral Form to the MCIIT. The form will be reviewed by a secondary Ontario ministry. The form is assigned to be reviewed based on how the form impacts the business plan.

To be able to be nominated, your application must showcase that your investment is of importance and can provide jobs for people in Ontario. Applicants are eligible to new investments as well as expansion investments.

The following must be met to be eligible:

Investment Nominee Positions for approval must:

The Nomination Process

If your application is approved, you will be provided instructions on how to apply. Once applied, your application will be reviewed again by the MCIIT. If you are approved you will receive a nominee application package and you will have sixty days to complete it and file. There is a $3,500 CAD fee to submit your application which is non-refundable. If successful, you will have six months to apply to Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for permanent Canadian residence.

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

The first steps to PEIPNP is filling out the self-assessment form & business proposal and then submitting it. If the application is accepted, the applicant will have to attend and in-person interview and send a settlement and business plan for approval. If the plans are approved, the applicant will be approved and then nominated for permanent residency in Canada.

Requirements to be eligible:

Businesses with the following will be given priority:

Based on the submission and if everything is matching the required criteria, the PEIPNP will approve the application and provide a nomination.

Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

To get started with SINP and the application process, you must fill out the Expression of Interest (EOI). Through the EOI, the top candidates are chosen.

Candidates that submit the EOI, are ranked based on their score with a few factors including age, exploratory visits, qualifications, language experience and ability, total net worth, experience with entrepreneurship, innovation, total investment amount, and the impact the applicant can have on the Saskatchewan economy.

During this stage, the applicants submission is reviewed and they can receive an endorsements so they can apply for a two year temporary work permit. This temporary work permit must be filled out with the federal government within three months of receiving it.

During this two year period with the temporary work permit, the applicant will be required to enter a Business Performance Agreement (BPA). They must implement their Business Establishment Plan during this time.

If all obligations are met under the Business Performance Agreement, the applicant can apply to be nominated.

Requirements of filing and EOI:

If everything is successfully met, the applicant can receive a letter of recommendation for the temporary work permit. Along with the successful submission of the BPA, the applicant can receive nomination for SINP. Once completed, applying for permanent residency through IRCC is possible.

Yukon Business Immigration Nominee Program

To get started, first thing to do is to file an application for evaluation. The application will be considered based on the following points:

If an applicant is approved they will receive a letter of recommendation which is then to be submitted to the IRCC to acquire a two year work permit. Once obtained, the applicant is then required to submit a business plan with a detailed outline which showcases the following:

Once the two year period is up, the applicants that are successful will be informed whether they will receive support from the YBINP for permanent residency.

North West Territories Immigration Nominee Program

To get started on this process, a candidate must participate in a self-evaluation to see if they are eligible. If the candidate is, the application is to be submitted and reviewed by the North West Territories. Every economic sector is eligible for this nominee program. But keep in mind, those with a new service to NWT or has the ability to exceptionally help NWT economically, will be considered first. The key here is to show the impact of the proposed business whether that is a new one or one that is purchased.

The be eligible you must meet the following:

If all criteria is met, the Assistant Deputy Minister will approve the business plan and the NWT may choose to nominate the applicant so they can start their business. If the agreement terms are met, the NWT will nominate the applicant to pursue permanent residency with the IRCC.

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