Visitor/Tourist Visa

Visitor Visa Opportunities

There are two main options when you are looking to visit Canada. One being a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for visiting Canada.

Foreign individuals require permission in order to enter Canada as a visitor and are required to have either a TRV or an eTA, unless they are citizens of the United States.

These types of visitors need either the TRV or eTA:

Foreign citizens that are part of visa-exempt countries that want to travel to Canada via air must apply for an eTA. The only exception is citizens of the United States do not require a TRV or an eTA but Green Card holders do require an eTA to enter Canada. Anyone from a country that is not visa-exempt, you will need a TRV to enter the country of Canada.
Foreign travelers with passports from countries that are visa-exempt who wish to enter Canada must have an eTA. This type of authorization is tied to your passport and is valid for five years or until your passport expires.
A TRV is offered at Canadian Immigration Visa Offices outside of Canada. A TRV shows that the holder has the necessary requirements to enter Canada as a visitor. Generally tourists can be admitted for a period of six months. The TRV can be for just a single entry or multiple entries. Even while having a TRV, this doesn't guarantee you entry into Canada. At any Port of Entry into Canada, the Officer can deny entry if the person seeking entry does not give a valid purpose to their visit that showcases it is just for a temporary time period.

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